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Why CBT for ADHD?

CBT for ADHD grew out of a passion for supporting ADHDers with coaching and metal health needs where many available therapies can feel invalidating, triggering and frustrating. In order to provide therapy for ADHDers - you need to understand how it feels to have ADHD, to know the challenges it brings, but most importantly to believe in the authenticity of ADHDers - our openness and honesty, resilience, endless curiosity, creativity, love of challenge, desire for deep connection and enthusiasm for exploring and life that ADHDers have. Only then can you effectively tailor CBT and help ADHDers live our best lives

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Our mission

CBT for ADHD's mission is to provide CBT based, ADHD affirming, therapy which supports and enables ADHDers, and those close to them, to thrive and live their best lives.

Meet Natasha (and Luna)

Natasha, smiling with grey hair and glasses andlight coloured golden retriever dog Luna

​Hi, I'm Natasha (she/her), I'm a fully BABCP accredited CBT therapist and late diagnosed ADHDer.  I have worked in mental health for around 8 years having previously qualified as a secondary school teacher and a successful career in publishing.


I specialise in combining my clinical skills, knowledge and experience of treating mental health conditions with my lived experience of ADHD. The coaching style and collaborative nature of CBT based therapies is something which really supports ADHDers to make the changes they want to in their lives. CBT based therapies can be tailored and flexed and I work closely with my clients as we explore what works best with their ADHD brain - showcasing and using ADHD strengths, whilst acknowledging and addressing ADHD challenges. When needed, I am able to incorporate treatments for mental health issues such as depression and low self-esteem, social anxiety, intense emotions, mood swings and rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD), generalised anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, trauma (including PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).


I provide bespoke therapy, tailored to you and your needs, using CBT based therapies which have been shown to provide effective treatments for a range of issues. I use behavioural techniques, which focus on understanding what we do and the impact this has on our lives, before exploring alternative ways of acting that are more reflective of who we want to be. I also use cognitive techniques, which focus on recognising the impact that the ways we think has on what we do, before using techniques which explore and test out the validity of our thoughts and move past any mental barriers to living our lives in the way we would choose. I also use imagery and mindfulness based techniques and where needed, exposure based techniques. I am confident integrating techniques from the wider CBT family of therapies, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), to provide the best possible support for everyone I work with. 


I am passionate about supporting ADHDers. For us to all have the chance to learn who we want to be, what we genuinely value and believe in and use the energy this brings to sustain ourselves as the people we want to be and live our best lives!

I am currently co-chair of the BABCP neurodiversity special interest group and have written an article and provided training on ADHD and providing flexed CBT that values and respects ADHDers and can effectively meet their needs.

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CBT for ADHD is not a crisis support service and can't be held responsible for the safety of patients or site users.

If you need urgent support with keeping yourself safe please call 111, 999 or go to A&E.

For non-urgent support around suicide you may find the following services helpful:

Call Samaritans on 116123

Text "shout" to 85258 

For non-urgent support managing self-harm you may find the following app helpful:

Download the Calm Harm app (Android/Apple)

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